Sometimes Chinese

Director: Leo Leigh

Production Company: Somesuch

A funny and quirky look at the pitfalls of a love triangle from director Leo Leigh. Nigel Dent is living a suburban nightmare. His life a meaningless black hole, void of any love or joy. Barbra, Nigel's wife is a narcissist and bully, cackling her way through life and bossing her husband around.


Director: Anthony Dickinson

Written by Chris Willis and Colin McKean @ VCCP

Production Company: OB Management

What would happen if Jesus miraculously appeared in modern day Hackney - would people believe he was the Messiah, a "cereal-eating hipster", or just a very naughty boy?

Behind The Lens Cap

Directors: Oscar Hudson & Spike Morris

Production Company: Bad

Life through the viewfinder of a camera is a series of picture-perfect moments broken up by the darkness behind the lens cap. But what happens when that cap is lost and the world between the smiling snapshots and happy faces is suddenly exposed?

Easy, Peasy, Japaneasy

Director : Max Weiland

Production Company: Somesuch

Cannes 'Young Director Award'-winner Max Weiland takes us onboard a conveyor belt in a busy Japanese restaurant allowing the viewer to turn voyeur by eavesdropping on a first date, a solo meal and bedroom confessions. Weiland serves up a slice of mundanity, then dramatically pulls out of it with an epic moment of terror.

The Hunt

Directors: Oscar Hudson & Spike Morris

Production Company: Bad

An ominous fox hunting party slowly disintegrates before our eyes as they give chase to an unlikely victim. What remains of 'the hunt' after all its defining symbols have fallen away?